Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a 24 Hours!!

I'm feeling quite drained today, yesterday was more excitement then I had bargained for. Jason had a mid-year conference to go to in Florida for three days so we spent this afternoon running around town with Naty, Audrey and Lotty getting some errands done so I didn't have to worried about trying to get them done while he was gone. Had a lovely time, ate lunch out, bought the girls Despicable Me when we were at Target, and then we dropped off Daddy at the airport and went to pick up Kate from school. About 5pm, I was helping Kate and Naty decorate this paper teddy bear for a project in Kate's class when Audrey came up and laid down on the floor next to me. I went to give her a kiss, thinking she was just tired from the day, found that she felt very warm :(

First thing I did was take her jeans off to help her cool off a bit, she then pulled her shirt up and saw this red, spotty rash all over her upper torso. I then followed it and saw it was on her neck and face too! I was home all by myself so as I was taking Audrey's temp (turned to only 100.7 thank goodness) and getting her some ibuprofen, I called my mom at work because my brain tends to freeze up in times like this, so I needed help figuring out what to so because I really didn't want to have to take the other 3 girls to urgent care with me. My dad was on his way home and luckily it turned out my brother was home, so Daniel came and stayed with the girl so I could leave with Audrey for Urgent Care right away. Got all checked into Urgent Care and was told it would be a little over an hour before she would be seen, this urgent care is only about a mile from our house and they keep a schedule so we were able to come home to wait. That was good because I was able to make some dinner for the kids, Audrey ate all of it which was good because she hadn't eaten a lot at lunch. Kate was supposed to have RE at church that night, which I help teach, so she was asking if she could still go. I, of course, couldn't take her but after some discussion my brother offered to take her and pick her up. So sweet and it really meant a lot to Kate :)

7pm rolled around and I took Audrey back to urgent care, so happy we were able to go when we did originally because there was about 4 kids there when we returned, all of whom got scheduled to come back starting at 9:30pm! We didn't have to wait long, which actually upset Audrey because she was having a great time playing with this giant toy hahaha Audrey hates, hates, hates the little finger thing to take her BP, took about 5mins to get a read. After that though, I was very happy that we didn't have to wait long at all to see a doctor! Doctor looked her over and said she wasn't even going to waste our time with a strep test because she was sure that's what it was and she had a strep rash, aka scarlet fever. Even though I know scarlet fever isn't the deadly thing it used to be, it is still some scary words to hear about your child. Doctor prescribed a round of amoxicillin and said if she doesn't feel better by the weekend to bring her back. Urgent care sent her prescription to the pharmacy electronically so by the time we got there it was ready, which was good because it was about an hour passed Audrey's bed time at this point and she was exhausted! Got home, got everyone in jammies, Audrey took her meds and I tucked them into bed. Kate got home from RE and Daniel took her with him to pick my mom from work since my dad was with my girls, so she got home shortly after that and I got her all changed and tucked in. All the girls went to bed about 1.5hrs late so they were asleep pretty fast, thank goodness.

Today Audrey is feeling better, she is acting almost normal, she does want lots of cuddles, but that is fine with me :) Everyone is looking pretty tired because even though they went to bed late, they all woke up at the same time so I think naps and early bed time tonight will be in order! Going to have to get my creative juices flowing because all the girls have been asking to do something special since Daddy is out of town but now we can't really go anywhere since Audrey is sick. Maybe we'll make home made pizza or something. We also have supplies left over from Kate's school project so maybe I can think of something fun to make with those. I am very thankful to the Lord that Audrey is fine and should recover without any complications! God is good! :)

Audrey's rash, she was not a happy girl :(

She is feeling much better today already though :)

This is Princess Bear that we made during all the excitement!

This is the hug and kiss Kate had me send to Daddy last night because
he was still on a plane and she couldn't call him, so sweet!