Saturday, July 16, 2011

Audrey & Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party

So I'm a lame mom sometimes and things that I thought I had plenty of time to plan for, like birthday parties, tend to sneak up on me. It doesn't help when you just ripped your house apart and put it back together hahaha I only realized two weeks ago that I needed to plan Audrey & Charlotte's birthday party, then I forget again. Lame, I know. So I threw together a tiny get together with just our closest friends like a week ago. Can I get an Amen for summer birthdays? You fill up the pool, hook up the sprinkler and boom, you have a party! LOL My dear friend Kerri offered to make them Cars cupcakes since I haz no baking skillz! LOL I think I might owe her my next born child since that turned into a 10 hour crazy-fest at her house! Kerri, you have no idea how much I appreciate you!!! Those cupcakes made Audrey & Charlotte's day, they were so yummy and I can't believe how much you went through to make it happen!! Hahaha THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

We had 5 of their friends over and the kids all loved going out to swim, splash in the sprinkler and the greatest fun, flood the sand box! LOL We looked out at one point and they had drug the hose over to the sand box and were filling it! Crazy kids! Audrey & Lotty were in true Birthday Diva form through the party, I think today was a day when they needed a nap. It's gotten so hit and miss with naps with them that I never know when they'll need one. They pretty much took turns being in my arms, my lap, following me, and general fussing. They didn't want to eat anything but their cupcakes, they didn't want to swim, didn't want to play with their friends. Finally with about 30 minutes left they decided to go out and swim and play! I was relieved!

Thank you to my dear friends who came to help celebrate with us! We are so lucky to have incredible friends like you!! :)

Cars Cakes! As the twins called them

McQueen looks innocent, but he just might be the devil hahaha

So happy with their Cars cakes!

Jason and Asher chillin together

All the kiddos having some food

Birthday Divas!

Loving having everyone sing

Lotty's shy face, love her

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's done!

Our new floors are done! Can I get a AMEN?! Jason worked so hard, he did an incredible job! They looks so nice and I am SO HAPPY to be rid of those awful carpets!! The girls love that their cars can drive anywhere now and they are finally not slipping around themselves hahaha One of our dogs Margo, I can't say the same for. She basically Bambi's her way from area rug to area rug! She's not too happy with us but I'm hoping she adjusts soon! Our other dogs, Lucky and Shorty, aren't bothered by them except when trying to sit for biscuits because their fuzzy butts slip hehehehehe It's a little mean how amused we have all been by this ;-) So here is the finished product, I'll only post a couple of pics because I know I've been posting to death about it LOL


Family Room

Living room 1

Living room 2

Girls loving the new floors!

So now we have detail work like base boards, outlet covers, a few light fixtures to replace, and repainting the doors to do still but those will be weekend projects now. Happy, happy, joy, joy! ;)