Monday, July 11, 2011

It's done!

Our new floors are done! Can I get a AMEN?! Jason worked so hard, he did an incredible job! They looks so nice and I am SO HAPPY to be rid of those awful carpets!! The girls love that their cars can drive anywhere now and they are finally not slipping around themselves hahaha One of our dogs Margo, I can't say the same for. She basically Bambi's her way from area rug to area rug! She's not too happy with us but I'm hoping she adjusts soon! Our other dogs, Lucky and Shorty, aren't bothered by them except when trying to sit for biscuits because their fuzzy butts slip hehehehehe It's a little mean how amused we have all been by this ;-) So here is the finished product, I'll only post a couple of pics because I know I've been posting to death about it LOL


Family Room

Living room 1

Living room 2

Girls loving the new floors!

So now we have detail work like base boards, outlet covers, a few light fixtures to replace, and repainting the doors to do still but those will be weekend projects now. Happy, happy, joy, joy! ;)

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