Monday, August 1, 2011

Uncle Dan joins the Navy!

My little brother, Daniel, joined the United States Navy Reserve a little over a month ago! He left for boot camp then A school training this morning, we probably won't see him for 5 months now, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are so incredibly proud of him! In A school, he is going into Construction Mechanics, also known as SeaBees. If you don't know anything about the SeaBees you can go here, USN SeaBees They are pretty bad ass ;) The SeaBees go in right behind the Marines and set up everything from camp to roads and can fix about anything that need fixing. When he comes back though, he intends to finish school and become a Pharmacist and then go active duty for the USN for at least the remainder of his enlistment time but as been seriously considering going career ultimately. We are very proud of our Sailor, praying he stays safe and has a good time, and we can't wait to have him home!

Uncle Dan with his nieces 

My parents and brother

One of my favorites, my brother is such a goob

Chillaxin' last summer