Friday, December 28, 2012


We had a nice, low key Christmas this year. All the big kids were finally not sick but Alice had a really hard Christmas Eve day and night. Poor girl wouldn't let us put her down and she didn't finally sleep for awhile til 2am. Gave us just enough time to wrap gifts and hurry ourselves to bed. We got a couple hours of sleep before Alice woke up at 5am and went back to sleep just a few minutes before the big girls woke up to open presents. Christmas adrenaline kept Jason and I going for a long time luckily haha

Alice did let us do our traditional Minivan Express which I was so grateful for as it's one of my favorite traditions. The girls open their new pjs, we get blankets, hot chocolate, and popcorn, the girls get their tickets and as they load up into the van, Jason punches their tickets. We drive all over town looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music til the girls fall asleep.

Christmas morning was so fun, I think it's the first year that Audrey and Charlotte really understood what was happening and that was exciting to watch! Paula and her family came over for the amazing dinner Jason had made

It was a really nice day with the family :)