Friday, August 26, 2011

New School Year

Well school started yesterday (Aug 22nd) Kate is in Kindergarten and Naty is in PreK! Time is really speeding up again! Natalie had been hoping to be with Kate's PreK teacher but I didn't request her so she got one of the other teachers. She was ok with that and so was I. Having 4 kids go through grades back to back like we will, I think giving the teachers a break from the Ziegenbein Hurricanes will be nice LOL I also think it will give them each a slightly different experience so that none of them can say "Oh I did that too" which I know they'll do some stuff the same but no teacher does the same activity the same.

So the night before school started everyone was very excited and nervous! I was very happy when the girls were asleep by 9pm! I managed to get the nervous stomaches to eat breakfast, we took some pictures (below) and walked to school. I decided to drop Kate off at her class first since I figured she wouldn't feel the need for me to stay. We walked into her classroom and found she had a substitute already. Her teacher had been sick on Meet the Teacher night too. So I helped Kate get settled, didn't talk to the sub much but I overheard him saying to other parents who were bombarding him with questions, "I'm not quite sure of the policy" I just figured, they'll survive, just don't loose my kid. Guess what? He lost my kid! I was a little late for pick-up (it's almost an hour earlier then how ended last year) so I was caught in the mix of first day parents, all ten thousand of them ;). I got Naty from her class, was waiting to get Kate's sub's attention or the teacher with the megaphone calling for the kids, all of sudden I realize the TA from Kate's PreK class is standing in front of me with a sobbing Kate! She explained that somehow Kate had ended up with the Extended Day kids and then tried to go to the cafeteria where the car riders/walker usually come out from, she was just standing in a corner sobbing trying to tell a teacher she didn't know that she isn't supposed to be there. Thank God Mrs. Meyers came up then and was able to scoop her up and come find me! Poor Kate, took all evening to calm her down. I assured her I would come talk to either her teacher or sub, whoever was there the next day. Turns out, someone in the office let everyone go at the same time, they usually call for bus riders, then Extended Day kids, then everyone else leaves. They apparently had kids trying to get on buses who were car riders too, it was a cluster.

The rest of the week has gone smoothly. Kate's teacher has only been there for 2.5 days, not sure what she has but I feel bad for her! Naty is in love with her teacher and the whole school experience! I think Kate is finally settling in too, she's excited to have a "real" art class this year! Today is her first Art class, so I can't wait to hear how it went! Praying for a good school year! :)

Audrey and Charlotte are now enjoying some alone time with Mom and I'm enjoying it too! The first few days were a little rough for them in the morning because they are so used to going with their big sisters everywhere that they had a hard time understanding they can't go to school this year. We are waiting for the weather to cool off so we can enjoy doing things like the park and zoo with just the three of us! They have been potty training all month and are doing such a good job! They are having some issues with making it to the potty for #2 but are solid on #1, even sleeping dry all night! I actually threw out the diaper pail today! Big moment for us, we've had one for almost 6 years straight now! Hahaha I know they'll be done with the training soon and then we'll be tackling sleeping without binky ;) That'll be fun :p hahaha

All my girls on the first day of school!

Big Kindergartner!


Charlotte had to have a picture too haha

And of course Audrey too!

Big school girls :)

Hard to believe they'll be in school next year!

Kate in her classroom

Naty in her classroom!