Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a really nice Mother's Day thanks to my sweet girls and fabulous husband! Got to sleep in, Jason made some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the girls had made me sweet pictures! My mom and I went on a 4 miles walk, it was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine! We had a pretty lazy day in general, Jason did all the house work for this weekend which was the best present he could have given me!! Today was the Mother's Day Tea at Kate's Pre-K class, it was a lot of fun! I love the look on her face every time I get to come be in her class room, just pure happy, I love it! The kids all sang a really sweet song for all the moms and had several gifts they had made! Mostly we just got to sit and have a little snack and chat with our kiddos which was so nice!

Kate and I at her Mother's Day Tea

Kate and Corbin

All the sweet gifts Kate made me <3
Kate's All About Mom book

Kate's drawing of me hahaha (The black is mouth, not a beard)

Kate was asked questions about me, these are her answers LOL

These are all things each child in the class said about their mom and we had to guess which one was our child, Kate's is #4