Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home remodeling and discovering I might be an OCD neat freak just like Grandma always wanted me to be!

2 weeks. That's how long this floor remodeling is taking. 2 full weeks. My house has been any combination of looking like a nuclear bomb went off in it and we are all refugees. Craziness has ensued in almost all forms of that word. Send help. Preferably in the form of chocolate cake because I can both indulge in eating it while throwing it in my husband's face (the mess doesn't bother him one bit, neither does getting two weeks off of daddy duty) both of which are fabulous forms of distressing! ;)

So back up about 15 years (guess I'm dating myself now huh? LOL) My Nana was an old fashion, strict, busy bee of an Italian grandmother. At the ripe age of 13, I was drafted into the most kick-your-ass-learn-to-be-a-furture-housewife school around, AKA Cleaning my Nana's house once a week for $10 (pretty sure illegal mexicans got better pay then me.) This wasn't granny sat in a chair and cross stitched while I dusted for an hour, no this was all day, Nana breathing down your neck, smack you upside the head if you didn't get that dirt in the corner that you had to have super human (or super old lady) vision to see. Brutal. Loved my Nana, but she was brutal. Some friends have fond memories of her yelling things at me down the halls of our church, like the time I took my shoes off while teaching RE, "Christina! If you keep that up, all you're heading for is to be bare foot and pregnant!" Thanks Nana. Sorry that was off subject but hopefully some of you are laughing over that story right now ;) Ok so I repressed as much of that as I could but when I got married and set up house, I would have "fits" where I would become my Nana and clean all day long with a toothbrush and my super human vision.

Now cut back to the present. Any one who has been to my house up to this point would probably think I was some kind of awful house keeper. We live in the house I grew up in, my parents struggled financially pretty much my whole life, so new carpet was never in the cards. Take 20 year old, builders grade carpet (the super cheap stuff), add over 20 years 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rabbit (yes you read right) and you get.... gross. There is no other word for those carpets and linoleum. I could spend all day on my hands and knees and they wouldn't have looked clean. So I've been fighting a loosing battle for the last almost 6 years we have lived here.

Now over the course of the Remodel-that-never-ends, these beautiful wood floors have been laid. Excited doesn't even cover it! I feel like Steve the monkey from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, "EXCITED!!" But now I feel the Nana waking up. My poor husband has not had to deal with a side of me he only thought he knew! I have been following him around like a crazy person, cleaning, organizing, and twitching. It's still an impossible task at the moment because he is cutting planks (which cause ridiculous amounts of sawdust) and moving the furniture and knick-knacks from one side of the house to other, plus the girls keep bringing toys down because they have been banned to their tiny room until we are done. Loosing battle, but I keep trying!

New floors of non-grossness?? EXCITED!!!

Let me just share with a few photos from this remodel-o-doom ride we have been on for 2 weeks....
This took 3 days to get this far.. ugh.

Living room finally done! Furniture still everywhere.

Family room finally done! Couch un-sitable.

This is how close we are tonight, we are so close it makes me twitch!

This has been my kitchen for the last 2 days, I have literally cried over it because I'm so insane!

Now, now. I know my husband has been doing 1,000sqft of flooring all by his lonesome, and I know I sound ungrateful so let me just give him one lil sentence of props ;) I adore my husband, I am extremely proud he has undertaken this and is rocking at it! He knows I'm crazy and loves me anyway so I know he will totally ignore this entire post as it has crazy juice all over it and he won't be able to read it anyway!

He should be done by tomorrow, which means I still have all weekend for him to resume his daddy duties, take my lovely lil monsters away from me (I adore my children but 2 weeks of them non-stop and trying to keep them out of power tools is a bit much for even Mother Theresa) and I can get lost with my Clorox, brooms, and mops and clean this house within an inch of it's life! It will be heaven, like finally itching that scratch you haven't been able to reach, but crazier.

It speaks the truth!

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