Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Just another holiday weekend for mommy!
You know what's fun? Take one massive floor remodel + 4 crazy monkey children + 1 overworked, under paid daddy + 1 mommy trying to keep said monkeys out of said daddy's power tools, and just for giggles, + 1 holiday involving things blowing up! Throw it all in a giant martini shaker and that's been my weekend, I'll take it extra dirty please ;)

So it took J three days to lay the floor in the living room, mind you working by himself, I think that's pretty good. Pretty sure I was on the verge of loosing my mind from the clutter but I did my best to not let my OCD splatter all over my overworked, under paid husband and simply stick to curling into the fetal position and rocking in a corner at night. One of my very best friends was kind enough to take us in for two days in a row so we wouldn't be refugees, passing out from the heat as we wondered from splash pad to splash pad in the loverly Oklahoma summer heat! Her daughter made a point to tell her mom that if we were going to be there every day, we might just want to move in because it would be easier, LOL! I agree K! My OCD wanted to take K up on that offer, still does Hahaha
Ok thanks for invading our home for 48hrs, buh-bye!
The flooring process has slowed dramatically, my husband's hands might fall off at the wrist soon I'm told. I told him I don't have time for that so make sure he has his duct tape handy. The hall and kitchen also have fun angles that my angle perfection, watchmaking, OCD husband is driving himself crazy over. Lay your bets people, do his hands fall off or he lands in a padded room from OCD first?? I'll take that hands because I'll be damned if he gets to vacation in a padded room without me! ;)

Jason decided to take yesterday off and spend it with the kids and I. He made a massive breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon, almost none of the kids ate any of it and opted for "chocolate waffles" (aka Eggo with Nutella) *deep sigh* At least they didn't take my coffee. The afternoon was mostly spent watching movies and doing their best Risky Business impressions of the new floors in the living room, also resulting in the phrase "My butt hurts!" being said a lot. We had BBQ brisket, rotel dip w/chips and pickles for dinner (fancy stuff) My children ate rotel dip with spoons, maybe a pickle or two, Lotty acted like she was choking to death after taking one bite of the BBQ, resulting in 30mins of coughing, drinking water and tears. Can we call that dinner a fail yet? On to explosives! Snap Pops were a huge hit, only minimal throwing at each other was had (Winning!) Sparklers were an interesting under taking, 3 of the 4 loved them (Lotty thought we were insane!) and only 1 minor burn was had (Naty had to test the "when the sparkler stops, drop it, don't touch" theory of her crazy parents, who know nothing) Next was Smoke bombs. Can we talk about smoke bombs for a second? Who thought of these? Who thought they would be fun? Oh must have been a boy! Because the girls and I had the same opinion that lighting a colorful ball that then shoots colorful, awful smelling smoke for all of 3.2 seconds, not so fun. Then Jason being a boy, had to buy M-80s. 100 of them. That was the "smallest package they came in". Then being a boy, he proceeds to light them and drop them in a soda bottle, full of water. Cut to exploding water all over. Including me, as I was being the responsible party trying to sweep up the Snap Pop mess, thanks for the warning babe ;)

We took the girls to watch the river fireworks, being a sensible people, we didn't sweat it out all afternoon with the entire city population to watch the 30min (disappointing IMO) fireworks show. We got our redneck on and drove to the top of a parking garage and sat in the back of the suburban! The girls were mildly impressed and thought wandering around the dark parking lot would be more fun, so I spent the better part of the show convincing them to stay put and fighting the urge to throw my husband's iPhone off the roof so he would wake up and help. Good times ;) The girls fell asleep on the way home (winning!), we pulled up to the house, went to take out our sleeping angels, our neighbors two doors down set off Satan's firework complete with earth shattering boom, woke up all the sleeping angels who then became overtired devils. Thanks neighbors! (Fail!) Moral of the story though, we got everyone tucked into bed, including 1 very scared dog, they all went back to sleep easily and woke up with smiles on their faces this morning! They had fun and that's all that counts! :) Now anyone wanna come finish my floors today for free??

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