Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We had a very productive Father's Day weekend! Jason and I spent most of Saturday painting the living room, we got about 2/3 done which is excellent! We'll finish that up this coming weekend so that sometime over the next two weeks while Jason is off work, he can lay the new floors!! I'm so excited! I've been waiting about 4 years for new floors! When we were cleaning last night we found two huge spot of mold on the carpet under the girls' dress up box and toy box! Jason ripped it out and we didn't see any mold on the padding so we are guessing someone spilled something and never told us. So the girls and I had a long talk about when we get the new floors all food and drinks must stay in the kitchen! I told them mommy will be very upset and sad if they ruin my new floors, to which Kate said "Like if someone breaks my new birthday toy? A toy that I just got?" and I said, "Yes! Exactly! The new floors are like a big, giant, huge birthday present for mommy!" Hahaha I think I got through to them because all of their cups have stayed on the kitchen counter all morning without me having to ask :)

Living room before

Living room after!

Father's Day didn't go exactly how I planned. First when making breakfast for the girls, I managed to knock something down the back of the fridge cause a tube to come loose and a huge water leak!! So I had to wake up Jason :-/ I had planned on letting him sleep til whenever he wanted but because of my klutziness, he was up 8am. I made it up to him by making him a huge breakfast and the girls gave him his cards and presents! He had been needing some more t-shirts and I found Houston Astros and Houston Rockets shirts for him! (He is from Houston in case anyone didn't know that) Jason finished the edging on the living room and I think he got to relax a lot with the kiddos. We had my sister and her family over for a BBQ and swimming, it was Simon's first time swimming and he loved it! The girls really loved having their little cousin over, each of them took a turn sitting in Simon's baby pool with him! It was a nice weekend and I'm glad we are getting to the end of the first phase of the renovations!!

Simon swimming for the first time!

The girls loved having Simon swim "with them" hehehe

Naty swimming with her cousin

Kate had a lot of fun helping him play with toys

Audrey had a blast!

Lotty just had fun sitting and watching Simon

The "cards" Kate and Naty made for Jason

Getting ready to surprise Daddy with his presents!

Daddy and all his girls <3

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