Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocolypse 2011

I know most of you followed my all day Facebook posting marathon yesterday but I haven't blogged in forever so why not now? ;) Yesterday Tulsa had a blizzard and the most snow fall at one time in its history, 13.8"!! CRAZY!! Mom and I had to go out Monday (day before the storm) to get groceries. Jason gets paid once a month on the last business day of the month since he technically works for the state. Fun to begin with but can we say SUPER BAD TIMING this month?? All of Tulsa was out preparing for the storm! We had to bring the kids too which made everything that much more fun. They were really good but of course 2-5 year old + crowd + no nap = Losing of mommy's mind!
Wait, what were we here for??

We survived and actually managed to get most of my list.  Jason was able to beat the storm home luckily since it showed up 5.5 hours late, which was also long enough for the whole city to go "Was this some big practical joke by the weather men??" Hahaha Sleet started around midnight and when Jason got up at 5am to peek outside we had about 3in of snow. By the time we woke up for real about 3hrs later, we had more like 8in!!
Our backyard when we woke up
It snowed hard all day, kids were going crazy, city was going crazy, I'm probably going to hell for sitting around laughing any time the news reported more stupid people of less common sense getting stuck in drifts on the road. When it let up around 4pm we had a whopping 13.8 inches of snow.

Craziness, I don't live on the East coast for a reason people!! LOL Jason immediately got to work shoveling us out, although where we were going to be able to go is beyond me but he gets MASSIVE kudos from me :) The girls of course, who had been begging all day to go out, were now almost hysterical with wanting to go out in the snow. It was still about -11 with windchill so I really didn't want them to go out but my head and nerves couldn't take it anymore. I spent 30mins dressing 4 girls for 15mins of snow play but they calmed down about wanting to play in it so it was worth it!!
Snow monsters on the loose!

Climbing Mount Snow Drift

Running to help Daddy

Our house after the storm

Down the street

Down the other side of the street

Charlotte enjoying herself

Audrey having a blast!
Jason spent all of today finishing digging us out and thanks to a Jeep with stupid huge off-road tires that drove up and down the street to pack down the snow and the snow plow that made it down the main streets off our neighborhood, we will be able to slowly creep back into the outside world tomorrow!! And let's all pray that Oklahoma doesn't see another snow like this for a long, long, long, long, long time!!!

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