Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who knew home renovation could be such a pain!

Ok I'd like to start this blog out with an apology to my dear friend Mary, I totally made fun of how incredibly stressed out she would get over floor and paint samples while building their new house, yeah I about how a melt down in the middle of Lowe's yesterday over floor and paint samples!! LOL

We are finally going to start major home renovations after tax time next year, so we have to start finally picking real colors for everything instead of just "Oh I like A, B, and C" My parents and sister watched the 4 lil monkeys for us yesterday afternoon so we could go look. I literally gave myself a migraine over trying to pick harmonious color schemes! I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but even anyone who took color photography with me will tell you, I can quite to range of colors. Which is already normally annoying, I'll see a new car paint or a house in our neighborhood being painted and for my taste there will be just a touch too much yellow, blue, green in it and it will drive me MAD!! Hahaha So when picking out wood laminate, tile, and paint it seemed every time I found 1-2 of those things I liked when you matched them with something else I liked there was now too much blue or red in the overall theme for me. Yeah it was fun. :p Finally 3 hours later, we found just the right combo!

Oh and on top of all the color scheme frustration, Jason and my style tastes are drastically different too, so we also had to find stuff that kinda met in the middle style-wise. We finally decided on (I guess it's a) mid-range cherry wood for the floors, keep all the accent wood work white, we are going to refinishing our current kitchen cabinets and paint them like an antique white (maybe remove the center of the doors and put in glass), we are found a kitchen tile (like a natural stone looking one) we like but are still going back and forth between actually doing tile in the kitchen or just continuing the wood floor, mostly because we decide to do tile countertops so I'm worried that would be too much tile in the kitchen. Also haven't decided on a paint color for the kitchen, might just wait til the rest of the work is done to see if we want another neutral or add some color. I'm sure I have bored you at this point too ;)
Tiny pic, L-R Possible kitchen tile, counter tile, wood floor, cabinet color

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