Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gift Giving, Thinking Outside the Box

My mother is a very hard person to shop for, always has been! But this year she finally found something she wants all of us to give her and it was such a neat thing! World Vision is a company that you can buy animals, medicine and food to third world countries. You can buy a village anything from chickens to goats, sheep, cows, pigs, ducks! You can also buy medicine and food (the form of emergency food or crop seeds) I think it's such an amazing thing to do and they made it so affordable, 5 ducks for only $30! I just had to share this with everyone, my children are still too small to understand if we did this instead of Christmas gifts for them but I'm sure some of you have older children, family member or friend that this would warm their heart! World Vision can be found by clicking here

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  1. World Vision is great!!! They were at our Veggie Tale show. We were going to do something this year for Christmas too. I can't decide if we want to have all the kids pick something as a present to each other or if we want to just let Kambry do it this year.