Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute Memories

I have a friend who recently started a blog and I think she has such a good take on why to blog (at least to me) She said blogging is her fix for a bad memory so she can remember all the things she wants to about her children growing up. I love it and I think it finally gave me focus for this blog. It's what I always meant it to be, but as you know I am an active Facebooker too so I already share so much on there. But it's hard to recall things on there, only pictures and notes are easily accessed so years from now, I won't be able to find that silly story Naty told me or the sweet thing Kate did for daddy. Kate is already 5 and I feel like I've forgotten so many little stories like that. I figure those of you who will continue to read this blog are most likely fellow parents and can understand ;) Ok so on to the real story hahaha

Audrey and Charlotte are potty training right now and doing really great in my opinion! Charlotte is going pee in her potty pretty constantly already and although we had a poop accident in her panties today, she wasn't very upset about it and I could see the cogs turning in her head as she was figuring out how not to do that again. Audrey has been a slower learner but she is finally peeing on the potty and is enjoying getting high-fives for it and love to go around telling everyone she is a big girl!

Potty training twins has been interesting but not as big of a challenge as I worried it might be. The only thing I am really doing different this time then when I trained Kate and Naty is we are using the little potties, in the past I have just used the little seat over the big potty. I couldn't figure a way around the inevitable problem of both of them having to go at the same time, so I figure we'll get the basics down then move to the big potty. They have been so funny together, just sitting there waiting for someone to pee so they can celebrate! Their favorite thing to do is have me read Llama Llama Mad At Mama (trying not to read into that ;) hahahaha) or play their "game phones" (old iphones we have loaded with kids games) We have had to get creative a few times to keep them on the potty when I know they need to go! Apparently having to sit so close to each other makes them fight because they have gotten into so many slapping fights! Sometimes you can tell they are playing but then a few, they are serious baby fight club time!

I keep trying to get a video of Charlotte's celebration when she goes pee because it's hilarious!! She goes around screaming "I DID IT!!" and pumping her fists, giving everyone high-fives and then saying "I a big girl! I go potty!" Love it! Audrey is finally getting excited like that too, but after she went the first time I asked her if she was proud of herself and from behind her game phone she very flatly answered "Yeah." LOL I thought it was funny what a contrast it was to the Lotty parade!

Potty Training Day 1 (and still on a fort kick hehehe)

They hadn't gone all morning so I knew they would pee the second
I let them off, so I gave in and let them watch TV for a bit. It was a fruitless effort 

Kate came home from school with TP roll binoculars, the girls were so excited
about them that I made them some. Kept them on the potty for a good 30mins!

Audrey and her game phone, I believe this was the first time she
finally peed though!

We have junk in the trunk issues with panties ;) I think it's funny

This whole process is bittersweet. This is the last time I plan on going through this stage (although who knows what God has planned) So I am trying to enjoy this stage and not stress that they aren't all trained in 3 days or something like that. They are doing great and I know they will continue to learn and master it! It will be nice (and strange) to not have to buy diapers anymore after close to 5.5 years of buying them straight!! ;)


  1. This is completely adorable and I agree with the getting the memories in writing thing! I enjoyed reading this very much!

  2. Perfect! Im glad that you found a focus for your blog. I know that you love to look back at your girls to see the memories. I love the potty training post. I totally understand! Good Luck!