Monday, April 18, 2011

A Light at the End of the Potty Training Tunnel???

The last 2 days, Audrey and Charlotte asked to go potty!! (finally!!) They even INSISTED they sleep in panties because, to quote my very stubborn daughter Audrey, "I A BIG GIRL!" Hahaha Who am I to argue with that? So I found them each a pair of those thick Gerber undies, had them wear the plastic covers over them and put beach towels down on their beds! I really wasn't sure they were ready to go all night dry, obviously hahaha They had done really well yesterday! Lotty had only 1 accident but once used the potty once. Audrey decided to use the "big potty" instead of the little one and was doing great! She went twice in the potty but had about half a dozen accidents. So they woke up this morning, pretty wet, but surprisingly they have been wetter when their diapers fail them hahaha Audrey had a rough morning, she went through 5 pairs of panties in about 30 minutes. Charlotte stayed dry all morning!! Just before lunch, I fell asleep on the couch (thank you decongestants) and was woken up by Charlotte shaking me yelling "I DID IT!!" I had pulled their little potties out to the living room and she had taken off her panties and almost filled her potty! I was so proud of her! As I was helping her get cleaned up and empty her potty, Audrey apparently felt left out because the next thing I know, she is running to the bathroom yelling "I DID IT TOO MOMMY!!" Sure thing, she had done the same thing!! They stayed dry all through lunch, didn't need to go potty before naps so I set them up the same as last night. They were only a little wet when they woke up from naps but were in pretty grumpy moods plus we needed to go get Kate from school, so they went in their first diapers in over 24 hours! They have been bouncing around, playing with Kate and Naty so I haven't pushed them to go back in panties this evening. We'll try to go before bed again and take it from there in the morning! I'm very encouraged that they have been the ones asking/wanting to do this finally! I'm hoping that is a sure sign they just need to get their basics down and then they'll be potty trained! *fingers crossed*

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  1. Awww Fingers crossed. I don't even want to think about pottytraining two, one is tricky enough for me!