Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun with Allergies

Oh my Audrey, she is proving to be the one to keep me on my toes most! So, a week after the scarlet fever fun, I am woken up by Kate at 7am saying "Mommy, come quick! Audrey is COVERED in spots!" Complete with arm gestures to relay how serious this was. I can't help thinking her gestures are funny because they come straight from her elaborate Italian side ;) Ok so I get out of bed and go find Audrey, as I'm walking up I can already see she is acting normal, she even greets me with her thousand watt-smiling-happy-morning-person smile! But when she turns around this is what her face looked like...
Her poor face

When I went to change her diaper
She was absolutely COVERED head to toe. I was totally baffled because these spots were all different shapes, sizes, some were clustered together, some more spaced out, some raised, some not, and some redder then others. Honestly the first thought I had was that my dare devil had somehow gotten chicken pox Hahaha I can see she isn't in any distress so no need to rush her to the ER but it's 2 hours til my pedi is open. Thank God for social networking and the BEST mommy friends ever!! I posted a picture on Facebook and asked if anyone had any ideas, within about 2 minutes I had a friend say amoxicillin allergy, which of course she was on for her scarlet fever. Within about 20 minutes I had several friends chiming in with the same thing! Of course I was out of Benedryl so I had to run and get some, but I was feeling so much better about the situation! I totally forget that my brother is allergic to amoxicillin too so as soon as my friends said that, it jarred my memory and this was no longer quite such a big surprise. I called the ped office when they opened and just because she had had scarlet fever, they wanted to see her. Luckily we were able to get an appointment right away, within 15mins actually so I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting us ready! My mom didn't have to be to work early that day, so she was able to stay with Naty and Lotty. It was a quick visit, didn't take long at all to confirm it so we got her chart labeled with the allergy and she wrote Audrey a new Rx to finish her antibiotic run. My poor child looks like a leper so we are laying low until the rash clears up as to not concern the public ;) Luckily the weather has been warmer so she can at least play out back with her sisters!
She is proudly showing off her spots today!
They are her "puppy spots" as in 101 Dalmatians LOL

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