Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Audrey and Charlotte turn 4!

Our little twinkles are 4!! Audrey and Charlotte turned 4 on July 19th, we had a fun little family party them that night with pizza and cake. That weekend we had a bigger family party with everyone in tow. My little girls love dress up and being princesses so we had a princess party for them :) Kate and Naty had great fun picking out gifts for them this year which was fun to see too.

Audrey is turning into such a people person! She has never met a stranger and assumes everyone wants to know her and what she's thinking hahaha She always wakes up with the biggest smile and I swear she wakes thinking what crazy thing can I do today? Hahaha She's most definitely the more outgoing of the two. She's my little shadow and has been one of my biggest helpers during this pregnancy. She loves helping me with the laundry and dishes! She's definitely a little spot of spunky sunshine! :)

Charlotte is still my little sweet pea! She's got such a kind, sweet nature to her. Much more quiet then her twin sister, but always right behind her ready for whatever adventure Audrey thinks of (after Audrey has given it a test run and made sure it's safe haha) Lotty loves her accessories! She's always wearing necklaces, bracelets, and something on her head. She also loves her purses, bags, and wagon. Always full to the brim with her favorite toys of the moment!

I can still remember the shock of finding out we were having twins and I can say 4 years later that I can see what a blessing God gave us and them with our little BOGO pregnancy ;) They melt my heart when I see them hold hands or snuggle together. It helps my mother anxiety that they will have each other in PreK next month since I still think of them as my babies. I hope and pray they will always love and cherish each other so much and take so much joy in their special bond! :)
Birthday morning

Birthday swim

So shy when everyone clapped for them
Opening gifts
Sweet 4 year olds!

Making necklaces

Tea time!

Even Gigi got in on it!

Cousin Simon thought the plate was tasty too

Hehehehe such a good Daddy to play along

Birthday Princesses

Daddy made an awesome princess cake!

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