Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of school!

Monday was the girls first day of school! All my big girls were going this year and it's so hard to believe already! Sunday my anxiety over Audrey and Lotty starting PreK showed up, I hadn't been too worry before. Jason was able to take the morning off work for the first time ever, he missed both Kate and Naty's first day of PreK so he was very happy to be able to come this year!

Our big 1st grader, Kate, is on the other side of the school from her little sisters so she got Daddy all the herself for drop off that first day. He helped her get all her supplies in her desk and she begrudgingly gave him a picture, apparently we've already reached the age of "Gah my parents are embarrassing!" haha

Naty, Audrey and Charlotte all share a pod which is really nice! The twins and I took Naty to her class room first. She's such a little pro already, while I was busy putting her supplies where they needed to go, she walked straight to her cubby to put her back pack and lunch away. We helped her pick a seat and then she was ready for us to leave hahaha

Audrey and Lotty are just across the pod hall from Naty so off to their class we went. They were super excited to find their cubbies and hang up their back packs, it's so cute the pleasure they take in such a little thing just because it's new :) We went and found their seats, their teacher had moved them next to each other for the moment, and got them to sit and color on their papers. Jason showed up about then and so I asked if they were ready for us to leave, Lotty said yes but Audrey told me no with her saddest face. Oh boy, wasn't expecting my boldest child to have a hard time with us leaving. We stood next to them for a few minutes and I asked again, still no, so I told her were going to stand at the back of the class room. We weren't back there more then maybe two minutes before Audrey had come back to us. I picked her up and asked why she was so sad and she told me she just didn't want me to leave. :/ I was standing right by the door so I showed her she can see Naty's class room from the door, Lotty is sitting right next to her and Miss Steinhoff will tell her what she needs to do and when. We cuddled for a minute but then I sent her back to her seat. Lotty came over next, but just to ask if she could play blocks because she was done coloring haha I told her to wait til Miss Steinhoff told she could, just go keep coloring til class starts.

I felt bad for the teacher, she was Kate's PreK teacher, every year their is always at least one child having a melt down but this year I think she had three going at the same time plus some snifflers. We stuck around longer then I probably would have normally just because I wanted to make sure Audrey wasn't going to start crying. I had to go reassure Audrey again when one little boy next to her started having a complete melt down. Just reminded her that he is just missing his mommy and all the mommies will be back at the end of the day. The second bell rang about then so we finally went over and have final hugs and kisses and told them we are leaving. The look on Audrey's face about killed me but I made myself leave. Almost started bawling the minute I closed the door behind us. Pregnant women should not have to drop their kids off for the first day of school hahaha

Jason and I went for coffee after that which was a nice way to push off the silent house for a bit plus it was awful nice to go get coffee with my husband without having to arrange for someone to watch any combo of the kids!

I was super excited to pick everyone up at the end of the day! Everyone had a great day! Audrey calmed down pretty fast and they both were really excited to go back :)

Second day went super smooth! Kate and Naty walked themselves to their class rooms and the twins had no problem meeting their class in the cafeteria and having me give kisses and saying good bye right away :)

Audrey came down sick today, third day of school, I felt so bad for her! She seems to be feeling better by this evening so fingers crossed, I expect her to be able to go to school tomorrow. Lotty did a great job by herself at school which made me so happy! That's the longest they've ever been apart!

Here's hoping for a great school year!
1st grade!
All ready to go to school!
Naty outside her class
Lotty ready for PreK!
Coloring while we wait for class to start!
Audrey outside class

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