Monday, September 10, 2012

Creeping closer to a family of 7

Oh that title still makes me queasy I'll admit! Never expected to have 5 children when I imagined our family hahaha But what do I know? Obviously God has bigger, better plans as always and I'm feeling much better about trusting that. I'm 36 weeks now and have definitely slowed way down in general! My c-section is scheduled for October 1st, so I have 3 weeks tops left! I've never made it to 39 weeks before so it'll be interesting to see if I do or not! As much as I'm feeling very done being pregnant, part of me would really like to make it to that date just to try something different with delivering a baby hahaha I've had an epidural, natural, and "emergency" c-section so far, so I wouldn't mind adding the whole walking not in labor into the hospital and having a baby to that list ;) Alice has already proven she's got quite a stubborn streak and will be doing things her way so we'll just have to see  how she wants to enter this world!

We finished our last few things to get ready for her this weekend. Jason put together my new rocking chair and stroller. He also got the new car seat all installed in the van, Kate is extremely excited and proud to be the big sister who gets to sit right by her! Now I've moved past my "getting ready" worries and moved on to the "after baby" worries. I haven't been an overly successful breastfeeder ever, Kate and Naty were both quite small until they started solids and with the twins I wasn't ever able to get my supply up enough and when I quit at 8 weeks I was able to stop cold turkey and never even got engorged if that tells you something. My mom was a LaLeche League leader for years and years and through her and other help, pretty sure I have something anatomical going on because I was doing everything "right" so we'll just see how it goes. Maybe having all the other girls in school will help by giving me more calm, alone time with the baby. I still feel that mother's guilt over the thought of having to use formula, even though I've done it before and I know in my heart there's nothing wrong at all with it.

The girls are all so excited to meet their new little sister soon! They come home every day from school and are a little disappointed I haven't had her yet hahaha They all discuss how much they are going to hug and kiss her, help me with diapers and rocking her. They even talk about what songs and stories they sing/read to her and all the games they want to teach her! I think it's so sweet and I think I'll have the problem of too many chefs in the kitchen on help with Alice hahaha Good problem to have I suppose!

Godwilling, this will be our very last baby. I'm really trying to enjoy these last few weeks but after so many babies so close together, my muscles and tendons have so had it and I go through a lot of daily pain. I do my best in those times to think of all the women who would love nothing more then to endure any of the pain I go through if they could be blessed with a child of their own and not feel so sorry for myself, but let's face it, I'm only human and I have my fair share of pity parties and wishing it was just over already.

I'm now taking bets on how much longer it will be til Alice is here!! ;) hahaha

36 weeks!

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