Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kate turns 5!!

Miss Birthday Girl

Yesterday my first baby turned 5!! It really is hard to believe, these last 5 years have felt like they dragged on every day at times but over all it feels like it's been the blink of an eye. Natalie and I got to bring snacks to her class to help them celebrate with her. I had planned to bring Audi and Lala too but they decided that a nap was not a good idea until about 30mins before we were supposed to leave! Luckily Paula and Simon were spending some time with us and didn't mind staying with the sleeping twinesses ;) When we go to the classroom they were finishing their stations and it was organized chaos! Hahaha In other words, my house x22 ;) I have to share a little secret that I was pleased on the inside to see the teachers struggling to keep their frustration in check with several little boys who were not following instruction. Only because I really have had this image of Pre-school teachers being these people with amazingly endless patience (or a steady supply of tranquilizers) and it was nice to see that I was sadly mistaken! They didn't act in anyway that made me think twice of how they were handling it btw, but I certainly had a moment of a little validation for not being Mother Teresa at times ;) So anyway, Kate got to go to the front of the class and they sang to her and thanked her for bringing treats, she was bashful as ever when put in the center of attention she so badly wants all the time hehehehe

Kate and her teacher Ms. Steinhoff
Kate then got to hand out her treats to all her classmates which she found endlessly fun! Naty got to pull up a seat and sit next to Kate at her table, she was quite tickled at that :) She kept running up to me telling about all the things she was noticing about the classroom (i.e. blocks, coloring, computers) and telling how "TOTALLY EXCITED!" she is to go to school next year! Makes me feel so much better because I was worried about her when I found out that Pre-K is all day, 5 days a week when we enrolled Kate. After treats Kate refused to leave til after they watched Curious George (they put in on so the kids will sit still and the teachers can pack up everyone's back packs) so I took advantage and took some pictures of Kate and her friends she is always telling me stories about..
Kate with her posse 
Later that night the whole family came over for dinner to celebrate Kate and Paula's birthdays! I still think it's really sweet that my sister and daughter share a birthday :) My brother Daniel and his girlfriend (my future sister-in-law hehehe) Lizz even came to dinner which was a nice surprise! My nephew Simon was completely unimpressed by the whole affair and made his feelings clear when he wasn't sleeping that he did not approve of the celebration hahaha All in all it was a lovely day for her and us! Here's a couple more pics..
The birthday buddies Kate and Paula

Lizz and Daniel

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